Mac Pad Pro?

Apparently Apple filed a patent back in 2011 for a device very similar to the Microsoft Surface. The Busines Insider recently ran an article about it. It doesn’t mean that they are building a device but let’s speculate on if they did.

What would I like to see

The device I would like to see is a combination of an iPad Pro and a Macbook. What do I mean. Think about having a device that literally is two. The iPad Pro would mount into the lower chasis. In the lower chasis you would have the guts of a Macbook Pro. That would include CPU, GPU, SSD, RAM, etc. The iPad Pro would operate as just a display when mounted. The newest version of iOS would have new App Extensions that would allow your files to magically be synced with the iOS and your native OS X apps. When you disconnected the iPad your files would just be there. The experience you would have would be iOS an OS that is really built for mobile.


The reason I would love a device like this is that I want the best of both worlds without compromises. I feel that still today Windows 10 is a compromise. You don’t get the best of both worlds. You have to suffer somewhere. With technology getting smaller and smaller it wouldn’t be hard to see a new device that actually is two. For that matter I really hope a new accessory that gives me a Macbook keyboard for my iPad display happens. I’ve been using my iPad Pro for almost a week. I really do like the device. It currently is still tethered to my Logitech keyboard and does feel somewhat like a laptop.

Please Apple make the device of my dreams now. Or better yet the two devices of my dreams. I want that headless Macbook for my iPad Pro.

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