Thoughts on GitHub Acquisition

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So there has been a lot of media coverage as well as banter all over social media today regarding Microsoft Acquiring GitHub. I thought I would quickly post my thoughts on the topic.

I’ve been working in the tech industry formally since the late 90’s. I’ve been back and forth from an Open Source developer to a Microsoft .Net Developer to an Apple iOS Developer. I’ve leveraged tons of different open source platforms over the years. Most of the negative banter I hear is directly related to Microsoft taking this over. Some folks literally calling for an exodus from the GitHub platform. I don’t really get this stance since the Microsoft of today is nothing like the Microsoft of the past. I recently attended MSBuild and majority of the presentations I went to were literally ran on OSS or fully developed with OSS. The Microsoft of today doesn’t care if you use Microsoft stack. They primarily care that they enable you to leverage their cloud today.

The way I look at this is Microsoft is here to invest. They are a much more open company than they ever have been in the past. I actually see a lot of parallels to Redhat today for Microsoft more than Microsoft of old. At the end of the day the world revolves around $$$. We have to accept that. No Open Source solution or platform can live on forever without some version of financial influence. I for one hope to see GitHub grow into an even larger ecosystem with many more features.

What are your thoughts? Is Microsoft the devil to you? Do you think this is the end of GitHub? Are you running to Gitlab?

5 replies on “Thoughts on GitHub Acquisition”

I am cautiously optimistic. Microsoft has indeed changed its tune regarding OSS over the years, and have even jumped to the forefront in some aspects, such as TypeScript and NodeJS. As with any “enterprise” company acquisition I have concerns, but I am hoping this one will be fine. As for jumping ship? Nah. I have several projects on GitHub that will stay there for the foreseeable future. I already run an alternative for private projects (Gogs).


No, No, No. Microsoft would be stupid to do anything detrimental to GitHub or its current user base. They paid a lot of money for something that will give them an insignificant direct revenue boost. I think you nailed it on increasing their cloud services.
I was going to send you an email asking what you thought. Thanks for posting!


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